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Introducing: Called for Web (Beta)

In the ever-evolving landscape of online communities, adaptability and accessibility are critical. 

Today, we're thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey toward enhancing your experience and fostering deeper connections: Called for web.



As we roll out this exciting update, we aim to empower you, our user, to engage more seamlessly with your community and group(s) from the convenience of your desktop browser.

Here's a breakdown of what this entails and what you can expect moving forward:

Desktop Web Accessibility

We get how important it is to cater to different preferences and needs. That's why when it comes to desktop web accessibility, we've got you covered. While our mobile app keeps you connected on the move, our desktop web version steps in with a solid interface, perfect for those larger screens.

Try Called for Web on your desktop:

So, when you log into our desktop web version, here's what you'll find to enrich your community experience:

Seamless Chat Functionality



Keep the conversations flowing with friends and peers across all your communities and groups. Our chat feature on the desktop web makes real-time communication a breeze, sparking vibrant discussions and stronger connections. 

Chat with your community on your desktop:

Effortless Navigation



Switching between different communities or groups is a piece of cake now. Our interface is easy to navigate, letting you glide between your communities and groups without missing out on essential updates or conversations. 

Experience the navigation on your desktop:

Profile Customization

Make your profile yours by updating your picture and bio from the desktop web version. Show off your identity within your communities and forge meaningful connections with folks who share your interests. 


Update your profile on your desktop:

We’re Just Getting Started

What's next, you ask? While we're thrilled about getting some key features, like chat, on the web for you, we are excited about what’s to come! Looking ahead, we have a roadmap full of exciting features and enhancements to help you connect with your community even better.

Are you a ministry leader? Be on the lookout for features just for you! We want to equip you with the tools and resources to focus on your ministry and serve your communities excellently.

All of these are coming soon!

Building Stronger, More Connected Communities

At the core of our platform is the drive to facilitate real connections and vibrant communities. We're making significant strides toward that vision with these desktop web features. Whether you're chatting with friends, hopping between groups, or sprucing up your profile, our goal remains unchanged: to empower you to engage, connect, and thrive within your communities. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we keep innovating and evolving, shaping the future of online community engagement. Let's work together to build stronger, more connected communities, one interaction at a time.