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Called, Couple to Couple League Announce Partnership

Couple to Couple League and Called logos together

We are excited to announce that Called is the exclusive chat app for Couple to Couple League

When Couple to Couple League first heard about Called, they were excited for a Christian group chat app that would allow their Revelation90 program participants to stay connected throughout their Lenten program without having to be on multiple communication channels.

“We started using Called with our new Revelation 90 program for young adults, and it's been a great way to keep in touch. We have close to 100 participants in multiple time zones and even in different countries,” says Heather Murphy, Director of Development at Couple to Couple League. “Called has provided an easy way to build community and keep everyone organized.”

Called provides churches, parishes, and all other Christian organizations with an all-in-one platform to create a digital community. From RSVPing to events, posting church announcements, and direct and group messaging, Called has everything a ministry community needs to stay connected and informed on mobile and web.

Now, with Couple to Couple League on Called, their teaching couples can stay connected, providing support, sharing ideas, and learning from each other like never before.

Since partnering with Called, the Couple to Couple League team and its program members have noticed an incredible connection—so much so that they want further to develop their use of the Christian group chat app. 

Heather adds, “It's been such a great experience that we can't wait to launch Called with an even larger scale for our volunteers and our students. Thanks to everyone at the Called team for this great communication solution.”

Here at Called, we are honored that the Couple to Couple League has entrusted its community building to us. We share their values, and our mission is to help other faith-forward organizations create a more connected Christian community.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Couple to Couple League. Their small group format was a perfect fit for our platform, and their team is fantastic. We look forward to working with them to help grow their communities,” says Matt Zerrusen, CEO of Called and sister company Newman Ministry.

If your organization shares our vision for what community should be, email Marco Cable, Called’s Director of Sales and Operations, to explore what a partnership with Called can do for your community-building efforts.